Class RefineEllipseEuclideanLeastSquares_F64


public class RefineEllipseEuclideanLeastSquares_F64 extends Object

Minimizes the Euclidean distance between an ellipse and a set of points which it has been fit to. Minimization is done using a user configurable unconstrained optimization algorithm. The error for each observation 'i' is computed using the following equation:
[x,y] = [p_x,p_y] - ([x_0,y_0] - a*R*X)
where R = [cos(phi),-sin(phi);sin(phi),cos(phi)] and X = [a*cos(theta),b*sin*(theta)], where theta is the angle of the closest point on the ellipse for the point.

NOTE: This implementation does not take advantage of the sparsity found in the Jacobian. Could be speed up a bit.