Class FitPolynomialSolverTall_F32


@Generated("georegression.fitting.curves.FitPolynomialSolverTall_F64") public class FitPolynomialSolverTall_F32 extends Object
Fits a polynomial using a LinearSolverDense and the equation A*X=B. Different solvers can be selected to trade efficiency and robustness.
  • Constructor Details

    • FitPolynomialSolverTall_F32

      public FitPolynomialSolverTall_F32(org.ejml.interfaces.linsol.LinearSolverDense<> solver)
    • FitPolynomialSolverTall_F32

      public FitPolynomialSolverTall_F32()
  • Method Details

    • process

      public boolean process(float[] data, int offset, int length, PolynomialCurve_F32 output)
      Fits the polynomial curve to the data.
      data - interleaved input output
      offset - first element in data
      length - number of elements to read in data
      output - The fitted polynomial
      true if solver worked or false if it didn't