Geometric Regression Library (GeoRegression) is an open source Java geometry library for scientific computing with a focus on 2D/3D space. GeoRegression provides the ability to estimate the closest point/distance between geometric primitives, best-fit shapes, and best fit geometric transform between sets of objects. It is designed for high performance and ease of use. GeoRegression has been release under an Apache v2.0 license for both commercial and non-commercial use.

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May 15, 2023

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Apache 2.0

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  • Geometric Primitives:

    • Points, lines, vectors, … etc

  • Dimensionality:

    • Full support for 2-D/3-D space

    • Minimal support for N-D space

  • Metric measures:

    • Distance, closest point, and points of intersection

  • Transforms:

    • Rigid body, affine, homography

  • Transformation Tree Graph:

    • E.g. Kinematic chains

    • Easy to compute transforms between any two reference frames

  • Rotation Parameterizations:

    • Quaternions, Rodrigues, Euler angles, and Rotation Matrix

    • Convert between parameterizations

  • Best Fit:

    • Shapes (e.g. lines, ellipses)

    • Motion/Transform (e.g. rigid body, affine)

  • 32-bit and 64-bit Floating Support:

    • Limited support for integers types.

  • Misc:

    • Geometric math operations

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